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Dori Marler




Shirley Mays Chardonnay 2004 - This year is proudly dedicated to Dori Marler. Her son, John Gebhart, tells us her inspirational story: "Snow boots," she said. I was astonished. Why did my Los Angeles mother, battling breast cancer a second time, want snow boots for Christmas? "I am going to Alaska, so I need good hiking boots," she replied. My amazing mother has had breast cancer twice along with an episode of colon cancer. Five continuous years of surgery, therapy and recovery have not dimmed her incredible courage and spirit. She is every bit as interested in her family and friends, her community and her personal enjoyment as she has ever been. She finds happiness in each day and is a constant inspiration to me. My mother hiked in Alaska that winter, and even mushed a dog sled for three hours across the wilderness. Her new boots were perfect.