' Dunham Cellars - Kenny Hill

Kenny Hill

The Beginning of Great Wine
“Kenny Hill Vineyard”

Kenny Hill vineyard is our newest endeavor. This sloped, south facing 70 acre parcel was purchased in the summer of 2008 as a joint venture between Dunham Cellars and long time viticulturists and good friends, Bill and Andy Den Hoed. It is located 4 miles east of Dunham Cellars up the Mill Creek drainage in the Blue Mountain foothills at an elevation of 1450 feet. The precipitation, elevation, slope, and naturally occurring breezes at this site provide a rare low incidence of frost and opportunity to grow non- irrigated grapes.

Prior to the purchase of this property, our vineyard management company, AMG, planted The Yellow Bird Vineyard, a dry land vineyard on the east side of Kenny Hill, for the Chan Family. There is no agricultural water right at this site. With full control of farming practices from the soil preparation to the varieties and clones selected for planting, we watched for successes and shortfalls at Yellow Bird.

After two years, the successes of Yellow Bird prompted us to purchase the property now known as Kenny Hill. We continued our dedication to restoring soil life and nutrition and using sustainable practices to ensure a healthy vineyard for generations to come. Wheat and legumes had previously been cropped on this land and had depleted its micro-biology. We ripped the land and incorporated a complex mix of organic compost and nutrients, thereby enhancing the soils water retention capability. After careful clone selection of varietals, we planted the first half of the vineyard in the spring of 2010, a year and half after acquiring the land. In the fall of 2012, we delivered to our talented Winemaking Team a beautiful crop of grapes from Kenny Hill Vineyard. Our first vintage will be tasty, tasty, tasty!